June 12, 2011

Time Crunch

As I don't really have the time today to write up a full post about something businessy, I'm going to link to this article instead, about social media. As with most things, I don't agree 100%, but I think this is a valuable article nonetheless, and certainly applicable to more than a few people I know personally, ha.

For myself, I work to keep a pretty solid division between my personal life, my "real" life, and my online "life". In addition, I don't have a Smart Device of any kind, significantly hindering my ability to be connected 24/7 to social media outlets. That said, I've spent nearly ten years trawling through the blogosphere, various bulletin board systems, Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and back to blogs. There's a lot of noise out there, and a lot less...netiquette than there used to be.

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