June 17, 2011

Team Awesomesauce

The title is a shout-out to a group of friends of mine from my alma mater. What can I say? I love 'em.

Speaking of things I loved, did everyone see Scott's amazing posts about macroeconomics? 'Cause that final exam is totally going on your permanent record.

For those of you who were curious, Scott and I have been friends since elementary school. We go pretty far back, and we bonded during the Great Turkey-Pigeon War. It was tough times, and bonds forged then were thicker than blood.

I feel I ought to explain my absence a little bit. Mind, I'm not anyone Exceptionally Important, but perhaps the (four) of you reading this care. I had an interview in New York City. I feel good about it, and there's a big reason why.

...But that's tomorrow's entry. For now, I'm going to enjoy the 200 page views this week, the giant glass of wine at my elbow, and the satisfaction of knowing that this has been a Good Week.

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