June 22, 2012

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Today's post was actually going to be a Serious Business one, about feminism and women in tech and female users on Stack Overflow, as a response to various and sundry things.

However, it's Friday, I'm under-caffeinated, and I've got like five things on my to-do list that need to be to-done this afternoon.

So, instead, here's a gif of the Carlton Dance. Watching it cracks me up.

Alfonso Riberio, you fox.

I do love me some animated gifs, as I'm sure you've all noticed. There's a gif for every occasion, dammit. Tumblr and fandom have taught me well. Gifs are best used like salt -- tastefully, in small doses, and only to enhance the flavor of one's food. An overabundance of gifs is like overindulging in ice cream; it's awesome, and then it's terrible.

Remember this rule: you must have a minimum of 250 words per animated gif in order to avoid overwhelming your audience. If you can manage that, you'll be gif-bombing like a boss.

I might have just broken my own rule.

(As an aside, the rule can extend to the use of image macros. Less is more! (Which, as anyone can tell you, is terribly hypocritical of me, hahaha.)

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